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so i made myself a website when i was 12 and IT’S STILL ON THE INTERNET

new video tumblr! pls reblog this and as always to say ty for your support i shall stalk a bunch of your blogs! thank you and i hope you enjoy ~

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If anyone’s wondering, yes I’m in Vegas. Yes, it’s 10:48pm. Yes, I can hear the pulsating beats resonating from several clubs within earshot. Yes, I’ve chosen to spend my evening looking at photos of autumnal windows on Tumblr. Yes, I am proud. - taylorswift

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I’ve reblogged this like seven times I DONT CARE THEYRE BEAUTIFUL MY HEART IS ACHING UGH

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the TAYLOR SWIFT era [2006 — 2008]

“I love everyone who’s inspired me to write a song, whether you know it or not. I love anyone who has every turned the volume up when my song comes on the radio, anyone who has bought this album. Anyone who can sing along to my songs when I play them live. Anyone who’s ever requested my song on the radio, or even remembered my name. If you ever see me in the public, I want to meet you. I will thank you myself. You have let me into your life and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. I love YOU, and I love God for putting you in my life.” taylorswift

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i think i dropped myself as a baby

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puberty is his bitch

puberty as its finest

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